Friday, July 1, 2011

Sasha Kolobok

We are 10 months old and officially crawling.  But at 9 months, we could move around just find by rolling around.  Here is a video of our rolly-polly adventures.

Some updates:

We've been eating cherrios all by ourselves for about a month.  We can go from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting.  We like to say "Ga-ga-ga, Da-da-da, and Ma-ma-ma"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First tooth

We were at Tupelo in Inman Square having brunch on the Sunday of the Spring forward (March 13, 2011).  I put a spoon of yogurt into Sasha's mouth and felt something scraping its bottom.  I put my finger into Sasha's grinning little mouth.  He was more than happy to chew on it.  Sure enough -- there it was.  A tiny little tooth that I could only feel by pressing into his gum.  It felt like one of the crocuses poking its head from under the snow.  I realize that more than 100,000 babies probably cut their first tooth somewhere in the world at exactly that moment, yet I couldn't help holding my breath as if encountering something mystical and unique.  

February pictures

March pictures