Friday, May 24, 2013

Where does Uncle Leo live?

Nothing occupies Sasha better (at 2 yrs 9 months) than a good puzzle.  Uncle Leo gave us a great state puzzle that's a map of the USA with most states being one piece.  The east coast posts a problem with so many tiny states.  So many east coast pieces contain 2-3 states.  It took Sasha a few days, but now he is putting the whole puzzle together with no trouble and even learned the names of some states and who lives in them.  

In the morning, Helen was giving Sasha a geography lesson.  Grandpa and Nana live in California -- a nice big state that's easy to pick up.  Uncle Leo lives in Colorado -- a nice rectangular state.  Babulya and Dedulya live in Maryland -- it's so small its name and symbol don't fit into its puzzle piece which Sasha found a bit confusing.  Helen told him to look for a crab that is sitting in Atlantic ocean with an arrow pointing at the coast.  "Crabby!" said Sasha excitedly.  In about 2 minutes Sasha was finding everyone's location on the map with no trouble.  Helen was proud.

At dinner, Helen decided to show off Sasha's geographical knowledge to Jason.  "Sasha, where do Grandpa and Nana live?"  Sasha looked at her puzzled.  "I not know," he said smiling.  "What about Uncle Leo?  Where does he live?"  Sasha's eyes lit up as if he finally realized what Mommy was asking him. "Want to tell Daddy where Uncle Leo lives?" says Helen.  "In a state puzzle," says Sasha.

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