Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Great Manager!

We recently read a book about table manners called "No slurping / No burping".  Any time Sasha (3.5 years old) was polite at the table, we'd tell him how he had good manners.  One day, he asked for something at the table very politely and when we praised him, he said "I am a very good manager."  It took us a few days to figure that one out.  First we thought that he meant he is a manager, like Daddy.  Eventually, we realized that a "manager" is someone who has good manners.

Story from Sasha's teacher:

One of Sasha's class mates was looking for his backpack.  Sasha say, "What are you looking for?"  The classmate replies, "My backpack."  Sasha says, "You should look on google.  You can find everything there."

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